Dance Dynamics

 Dance Dynamics is a dance studio in Marshall, Michigan. We cater to the recreational dancer and competitive dancer. Classes offered are ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, acro, pom, clogging and pointe. Registration for classes run late July through August for students 2-adult. Competitive team auditions happen at the end of a mandatory one week camp held twice through out the summer.
The facility also offers weekly yoga, Zumba and boot camp classes.
For more information, contact owner Brianna Novak @ (269)317-2332 or e-mail


During the first week of classes, students should arrive approximately 10-15 minutes early.  Students and parents should wait in the waiting room for an instructor to get students.  Please do NOT allow your children to ba in any area outside the waiting area. Please don't let your children climb the stairs or hang out in any of the studios.

All shoes and dance attire should be purchased and worn to class immediately. Dance wear is anything that is form fitting to the body such as leotards, unitards, tights, spanx, spandex or booty shorts, sports bras and camisole tops. Hair should always be pulled back and all loose jewelry should not be worn.


*All jazz shoes (except TSC Large Group, they need black) should be the nude/suntan colored slip on jazz shoes or ankle booties. I find that Balera jazz shoes are my favorite and fairly inexpensive at JC Pom will use nude. TSC Pom will be decided after costumes are chosen.

*Ballet shoes should be leather and pink in color. Canvas ballet slippers are ok, too but I don't recommend them because they are hard to keep clean.

*Contemporary shoes are  called a Stretch Canvas Lyrical Turner or half sole.

*Acro classes will be barefoot.  

*Tiny Tots Acro-Hip-Hop will also be barefoot

*Pre-School Combo and beginner Tap Classes will need the beginner style tap shoes or Capezio Jr. Tyettes. These can also be ordered through

*All other tap classes, including competitive, will need the oxford style Black tap shoes. Balera Lace Up Tap works great for elementary and teen tappers. Competitive students should upgrade to the Capezio Tic taps or Jason Samuels. No split sole tap shoes, they do not offer the support tap dancers should have.

*Hip-Hop Students will need to wear clean, dry sneakers until we get their recital shoes in. Each class gets a unique pair of sneakers/boots for recital to match their costumes.

A tour of the studio will happen for all pre-school combo, beginner and elementary students.  Students will be brought back to the waiting area after class. Please be on time for pick up and talk with your children about where they should wait for you and let your older children know if they are to wait outside or inside the building.

Parents may wait in the waiting area or drop students off and come back. Please be sure your phone number is correct in the portal in case of emergency.

A lock box for tuition is located on the south wall, immediately to your right when you first enter the building. You may also pay tuition on-line or have it automatically taken from your account with our Auto-Pay system.

Students will bring home an order form for Dance Dynamics logoed dance wear and a cookie dough fundraising reminder if they did not get one at the registration open house.

Please try to have your little one go potty before class. Once one child has to go potty, every child has to go potty.:)

Students that need to change into dancewear may do so in one of two changing tents or the basement rest room located to the right at the bottom of the stairs. 

Please talk to your child about toilet paper usage and what is ok to flush and what is not ok to flush. We have many issues with our old plumbing and need your help letting the littles know how much toilet paper to use is helpful!

We would prefer the kids not bring food into the studio but understand that some kids are there all night and may need a snack.  Water and bottled juice is ok.  Meals and snacks are only permitted in the back student lounge area. We have silverware and often plates and bowls. Please feel free to bring these items in and store under the microwave table next to the fridge.

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please email me and I would be happy to answer your questions. I look forward to another amazing year at the studio!!!

115 East Green St
Marshall, MI 49068

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